Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentine in the Snow

I am in frosty Brooklyn, visiting my best and oldest friend (BOF), On Saturday afternoon, we took a walk to the post office and supermarket. On our return walk, on the corner of Campus Road and Bedford Avenue, in the middle of Brooklyn College, we saw something lying in the snow. Upon inspection, it was a bouquet of silk roses, still in its wrapping, and a large Hershey's kiss, still in its red box. We picked them up and contemplated. "Oh", I said, "They must have fallen out of someone's backpack. He was going to give them to his girlfriend and he lost them. Let's put them up on something in case he comes back here." "Is that what you think happened?" said the BOF, "I think he gave them to her and she threw them back at him. Artificial flowers and a Hershey's kiss? What a cheapskate!" "Okay then" I said, "Let's leave them here and maybe some little kid who can't afford to buy anything for his mom will find them and give them to her". "Right", said the BOF, "And then he'll get spanked for stealing them". In the end, I won. We left them propped in a snowbank. When I went back today, they weren't there. Okay, what do you think happened to the roses and chocolate? Both the first and second times. Be creative.

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Marnie said...

Great blog -I believe that two lovers had pre-arranged a meeting on Valentine's Day to confirm their true feelings for one another, only one party had to travel by plane and the airline cancelled the flight and that person arrived too late for the meeting. If that one person would have waited several more hours their love could have been confirmed and there could have been a happier ending.