Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Look For The Rainbow

I don't think that looking for the rainbow is just a metaphorical suggestion even though the suggestion that we look for miracles and reasons for optimism is compelling and powerful.  I try to do that every day.
However, I also look for and delight in the discovery of actual rainbows.
Physics informs us that a rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light.
Okay.  Got that.
I have twice witnessed rainbows in the making.  The first was in 1995.  I was sitting on a porch in Brooklyn just looking at the sky.  Suddenly I realized that something was happening.  The sky just looked different in a kind of unformed forming sort of way.  And then the rainbow materialized.
Last night I again witnessed the creation of a rainbow.  I went outside because the sky was so beautiful.  And then, just like on that Brooklyn porch, the sky seemed to be forming or making room in itself for the birth of the rainbow.  Then suddenly there is was.  It was visible just about long enough for me to take this picture.  Then it was gone.
Rainbows are, to me, magic.  I will continue looking for the rainbow in both metaphor and life.
Each time I find the rainbow I will remember that miracles happen.  Sometimes we just need to look for them.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Jersey Does Ice Cream

Summer comes and the ice cream places open up.  Summer will soon end and with its departure the ice cream places will close for the long winter.  New Jersey does ice cream.  People drive distances just for a cone or a dish.  New Jersey also does summer.  The days of summer, though, are waning.  Soon the leaves will turn and, yes, most of the ice cream places will close.  Jakes.  Ryans.  Four Boys.  Hoffman's will stay open.  Maybe Rita's Ice Custard Happiness will also weather the winter.  Otherwise where could we order and then pick up happiness?
I love ice cream.  I don't do cones, though.  I find eating an ice cream cone about as stressful as it gets.  It's just too much with which to deal.  You've got the melting ice cream.  Then you've got the crumbling, wet cone.  I can't manage the stress.  I eat my ice cream out of a cup or a bowl.  I'm not ashamed to do so.
And the ice cream places don't seem to begrudge me my dish.  They still get paid.  And I still get the ice cream.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

So Who Was Mildred Greensfelder?

Not too long ago we spent a week in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  Almost every evening we visited the Mildred Greensfelder Playground adoring our favorite two-year-old as he climbed and ran and laughed.  It's a wonderful playground.  Each evening in addition to admiring my grandson I wondered who, exactly, was Mildred Greensfelder and what did she do to get a park named in her honor.
There isn't much information available about old Mildred.  However, I did learn something about her activism in a book called "Provincetown:  From Pilgrim Landing to Gay Resort" written by Karen Christel Krahulik who is almost as obscure as Mildred Greensfelder.  Anyway, Ms. Krahulik tells us that in March, 1949, a guy named Edward Roach set off a firestorm in Provincetown because he said that the high school's play depicted people of color in a racist manner.  Mr. Roach did acknowledge that there was probably no harm intended but nevertheless harm was committed.  A lot of P-Town residents strongly, dare I say vehemently,  objected to Roach's comments.  Mildred Greensfelder was apparently one of the many voices shouting down Roach's concerns.  She stated the belief that rather than being critical the town should embrace all attempts to accept and encourage diversity and that the play whether or not it succeeded made that attempt.  She concluded her published remarks by reminding people that the Provincetown residents should always embrace gaiety and laughter.
And so they have.
Right on, Mildred and thanks to Karen Christel Krahulik for shedding a little insight into the life of the woman in whose honor children laugh and play.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Well Whoa It's Been Awhile

Time flies when you're living life, apparently.  At any rate I apologize to you and to myself for my absence.  In my defense, however, you should know that I have just completed a book.  It is now in the design phase and hopefully will be published soon.
No, it's not a novel.  There are more of those in the works.  This book is inspirational in nature.  It's called "Stick With Us And We'll Get You There:  How To Be Where You Want To Be On The Road And In Life".  I wrote it in collaboration with Jeff Baugh.  Those of you living in the Los Angeles area know his voice well.  He's the guy who every morning and evening tells you how to get where you want to be on the road.
I'll be posting snatches from the book just to whet your appetite.
In the meantime, it's back to business here in blog land with the things I care about and about which you hopefully also care.
Off we go - again.