Monday, November 12, 2012

Didn't They Tell Him To Delete Twice?

I mean, we all send personal emails from our work computers what with the high speed internet where we work and all.  But most of us learn quickly to delete sent messages and received messages twice -- once from the email and once from the deleted folder.  Even then most of us suspect they are never deleted.  But then, most of us don't head the CIA and thus know that in the wrong hands our personal email messages could put an entire nation or even the entire world at risk.  Chances are the most damage my email to my brother saying 'Hey!  Don't know but glad you asked,' is only going to harm me if I sent enough such messages to indicate that I'm spending more time in my own affairs than in the affairs for which I am paid.  And even those benign messages I twice delete.
So I'm just thinking that if I know about twice deleting even more so should that knowledge be front and foremost in the mind of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. 

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