Sunday, February 3, 2013

Success Breeds Success

Here's another thing about baby steps.  Babies fall down a lot.  Unaware of the cognitive phenomena called failure, a baby generally just gets up again.  And, oh my!  That first step.  Once that first step happens the baby builds on that amazing success and eventually runs and runs and runs all the while stumbling and falling.
So what happens when we leave home and call ourselves mature?  Why is it, then, that we grow to fear falling?  Why does it become so hard to get back up again?
Tomorrow let's forget that failure even exists in our vocabulary and go for it.  The 'it' can be anything we've been putting off for fear of failure.  Just go for it.  Fall if you will.  Then get back up.
That's the baby thing to do.
That's the get it done thing to do.

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