Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be Kind To Our Language, Please

Apparently one day in the not too recent past was set aside as Good Grammar Day or something along those lines.  I'm sorry.  I think it would take a lot longer than a day to revive good grammar.  Our poor language is being ripped apart word by word by letter by letter constantly.  Soon, I fear, we will be capable of nothing more than incoherent grunts which we will somehow call communication.
Here's my most recent grammatical horror.
Your welcome.
A college professor said that to me in an email.  Of course, if the welcome belongs to me then, my bad, she was correct.  However, a quick personal inventory indicated that I currently own no welcomes.
What happened to either "you are" or "you're"?
And that's just one of the many grammatical miseries over which I feel so hopelessly sad.
I love our language. 
I propose a national save the English language campaign.
Wanna join me?

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