Thursday, October 31, 2013

So This Happened

I went to the cleaners to both drop off and pick up.  As is my habit I parked at the far end of the lot.  That gives me a chance to get at least a little exercise.  My drop off load was significantly smaller than my pick up load.  The man behind the counter offered to carry the cleaning to my car.  Our conversation went something like this:

Man Behind The Counter:  I'll carry the clothes to your car.
Me:  Thanks.  That's not necessary, though.
Man Behind The Counter:  No.  I insist.
Me:  My car is parked across the parking lot.  Clear to the end.
Man Behind The Counter:  That's all right.  I will carry your clothes.

Whereupon he walked around the counter and took my many plastic bagged articles of clothing off of the rod and began out the door.

Me:  Okay.  Thanks.
Man No Longer Behind The Counter:  Where is your car?
Me:  (pointing across the parking lot clear to the end) Over there.
Man No Longer Behind The Counter:  Clear across there?
Me:  Yes.  I told you it was clear across the parking lot.
Man No Longer Behind The Counter:  Why did you park so far away?
Me:  I like to park far away so I can get some exercise.
Man No Longer Behind The Counter:  Please go to your car and drive it here.  I will save this parking place right in front for you.
Me:  I don't want to do that.  I told you I would carry my cleaning myself.
Man No Longer Behind The Counter:  Then here.  You carry your own clothes.
Me:  (Taking the clothes from him)  Right.  Thank you.

As I walked away I heard him go back into his dry cleaning establishment.

Man Once Again Behind The Counter:  Goodbye.  Have a good day.
Me:  You, too.

Not only did I get in my little walk, I got to take home clean clothes.

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