Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Voted

Today, I voted for the first time in the state of New Jersey.  It was a pretty important election - there were races for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, for members of the township school board, two state propositions, and two county propositions.  We prepared, as we always do.  We looked up the information on the propositions, and we even watched a local TV program to hear the candidates for the school board air their views.  We went to the polling place, and were introduced to the voting machine.  After thirty plus years of voting on paper ballots in California, we had to be shown how to use it.  Having fulfilled our civic duty, we looked around.  Where were the stickers?  The Other Family Human and I are accustomed to receiving an American flag sticker with the words "I voted" on it, which you could proudly wear all of election day.  Wearing it any longer than that is a little pathetic.  But in New Jersey, I guess you have to keep your voting pride to yourself.  No stickers.  Oh, well.  Sometimes the act itself is the reward.

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