Monday, May 11, 2015

Just About There

The fence is up.  The beds are in place and filled with dirt.  The fill dirt should settle down an inch or two.  When that happens I'll mix in some peat moss.  Next steps:
  • buy a couple of soaking hoses.
  • position the hoops for the row covers.
  • plant the seeds.
  • soak well.
  • fasten the row covers to the hoops.
After all of that is said and done the only thing left to do is to hope for the best.
Oh, yeah.  And water.
Next planting is the potatoes.  Also, I'm going to cover the ground with the same cloth I put under the boxes and then I'll cover the cloth with gravel.  Not only will that look nice, it should discourage grass and weeds from filling up the spaces between the boxes.
This is all an adventure.
Adventures can be fun.  They an also be frustrating and a little scary.  It's that unknown thing that keeps cropping up.  So when I said hope for the best, that's part of the adventure, too.
I'll keep you posted.

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