Sunday, January 8, 2017

Easy Rawlins Is Back

I just finished reading the book pictured on the left.  I'm a sucker for a good mystery or a good action adventure book but only if I'm grabbed and sucked in no later than the fifth page.  I especially like recurring central characters who live and work in cities I know.  Walter Mosley writes about Los Angeles as do Robert Crais and Jonathan Kellerman.  Raymond Chandler also wrote about Los Angeles.  Lee Child's Jack Reacher wanders the globe but it never takes me five pages to become mesmerized by his writing.  I also like the Mitch Rapp character created by the late Vince Flynn.  George Pelecanos seems to set his stories in Washington DC.  I've only been there twice but after reading a few of his books I feel like I'm beginning to walk the same streets.  Pelecanos has written only two books using the same central character:  The Cut and The Double.  I'm hoping he writes more featuring Spero Lucas but if he doesn't that's okay.  He's written plenty of other books.  A student recommended Valerie Wilson Wesley.  I wasn't grabbed by page five but I finished that book and checked another out of the library.  I'm willing to give her a chance because she bases her stories in New Jersey and I feel like I could benefit from a richer taste of my new home.  I also enjoy Sue Grafton, Nevada Barr, Tess Gerritsen, Kathy Reichs and anyone else who sucks my in by page five.  And, yes, I hide in a closet to read Patricia Cornwell on my Nook because she created, in my opinion, a really great character in Kay Scarpetta.  Don't tell anyone about that last author.  On the other hand, everyone should have a secret vice.

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