Saturday, February 10, 2018

Happy 300 To The Colts Neck Inn

George Washington got around a lot.  He had quite a few headquarters.  I see the signs all over New Jersey indicating yet another of his headquarters.  It makes sense that wherever he and his troops stopped became his base of operation.  History also tells us that Washington is the only person ever to be given the secret recipe to the astonishingly potent Laird's Applejack.  History also tells us that Washington frequently ate at the Colts Neck Inn.  I've also eaten at the Colts Neck Inn but history probably won't mention that little tidbit of information.  The Colts Neck Inn opened for business in 1717.  It's been open ever since and recently celebrated 300 years of serving food to the famous, the not yet famous and the just plain folk like me.  History doesn't tell us what Washington ate.  Let the record show that I ate a hot turkey sandwich.  History also tells us that Washington spent more time in New Jersey than anywhere else during the Revolutionary War which probably accounts for the many places where George Washington is rumored to have slept.  The house in which I live was built in the early 1800s doubtless long after Washington had returned to his home at Mount Vernon so I guess I should take down the sign 'George Washington Slept Here' because I don't think he did.  I can still leave the sign up that says 'George Washington and I both ate at the Colts Neck Inn' though.


Tom Walker said...

Oh, this makes me hungry for a hot turkey sandwich. Unfortunately, what I have is leftover spaghetti and meatballs. Do they serve that at the Colts Neck Inn?

Mary Walker Baron said...

They do have that on the menu. Also chili. On this cold and rainy day a bowl of chili would feel good.

Tom Walker said...

I'll take a bowl of chili anytime -- cold and hot.