Tuesday, April 22, 2008

By My Footprints Shall You Know Me

In celebration of Earth Day, I've learned to levitate. Only with levitation can I be absolutely certain of leaving no footprints.
It seems that the old back packing adage of 'leave nothing behind you except your footprints' is no longer sound and should be changed to 'leave nothing behind'. Stated another way, take all of your garbage with you.
My mother was big on footprints. I never entered our home without first wiping the soles of my shoes or, in the summer, wiping my actual feet on the mat. She wanted no footprints tracked into her home. She had the right idea. Too many muddy footprints spoiled the quality of our home.
Now we discover footprints far more ominous than those of a careless child coming home from muddy play and they are destroying our global home. A carbon footprint is the tell tale track we leave on the environment and gives us a measurement of the amount of green house gases we're producing. Thus we measure global warming and track our path toward catastrophe.
Things we once thought helpful to the environment turn out to leave big, ugly carbon footprints and things we once thought harmful can actually leave smaller footprints.
While this is all being sorted out, it seems to me that the most respectful thing I can do is keep my feet off the ground. That and, of course, keep my head out of the sand so I can learn how to walk without leaving such lethal footprints.


Leslie said...

Reminds me of the Wise Men of Chelm story where Berel the Beadle goes around to wake them up for morning prayers and tramples the new-fallen snow. They solve the problem by having four men carry him around on a table.

jesse said...

then how are we supposed to leave our foot prints on the earth. Where is our mark? How will anyone know that we were here if we leave no foot prints?

MaryWalkerBaron said...

Jesse makes an excellent point. By what are we to be known if not by our footprints. The task, then, is to keep a sharp eye on the type and quality of our footprints.