Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bathroom Graffiti

I like reading the graffiti in public bathrooms. I get a sense of the cosmic yearnings and the petty jealousies of a neighborhood.
Yesterday I found myself in a bathroom in a convenience store/gasoline station somewhere along Interstate 15 south of Ontario and north of Escondido.
Written on the walls were the usual I loves and I hates. And then there was this: Never stop believing.
Never stop believing.
Having no idea the intentions of the author of that particular graffiti, I chose my own meaning. Taking that meaning to heart, I will try to never stop believing in miracles and in my own ability to create those miracles.
Words can change lives. Even words written on the bathroom walls of roadside convenience markets.
Here's to hope.

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Anonymous said...

Here's to hope and to never stop believing. If we do, we're doomed.