Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's No Secret

A couple of weeks ago, Mary Walker Baron mentioned a secret parking street near Dodger Stadium that a friend had told us about. Two days after that, our friend tried to park on that secret street, couldn't find a space and accused us of spilling the secret. Never mind that, of the fifteen people who read this blog only five of them live in Southern California and only two of those care anything about baseball. Also, we never gave the location. Apparently, just thinking about a secret while blogging gives it away.

Turns out it's true. We were early to last night's game but just barely got the last space on the secret street and had to walk about a mile, thereby earning all the junk we ate at the ballpark. I warn you. Do not think while blogging. It won't be a secret any more.


Marnie said...

You never know what will uncover a secret. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am still glowing about all of those warm thoughts you had about me while you blogged about the $15 (x2 now) that I have saved you with my secret. And yes, you make take me to a play-off game as a thank you. I will even chip in for the parking.

MaryWalkerBaron said...

Well now you've done it. Everyone knows that you are anonymous. They'll all be calling you asking for the secret.