Thursday, June 23, 2011

Special Services For The Visually Impaired

Life compelled me to visit the Glendale Social Security office.  I took my number.  It was 24 and wasn't a bad number considering the next number was twelve not counting the in between numbers such as A12H which didn't appear to come up on the board in any particular order.  I was there to ask a question.  More about that later.
Forgetting that I was waiting at a government agency providing services to millions, I brought nothing to read with me.  Not a problem.  The walls were covered with pamphlets in several different languages.
One particular pamphlet caught my eye:  Special Social Security Services For The Visually Impaired.
And elderly family member is significantly impaired visually so coming across this information while waiting to ask a question seemed providential.
I returned to my seat ready to learn all about the special social security services for the visually impaired.
After a couple of pages of information about why the visually impaired need special services the pamphlet got to the purpose of the pamphlet and described the special social security services provided for the visually impaired.
Here, in summary, are those special services.
Many printed materials can be provided in large print.
Except, apparently, the pamphlet I held in my hands.  It was provided in print almost too small for me to read.
Our tax dollars at work.

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