Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon At The Salon

Forget that I read from But This Is Different at the Ellouise Salon this afternoon.  Well, no.  Wait a second.  Don't forget that at all.  Hold onto that event and invite me to read again at other places.  But while you're doing that, consider this.
The Ellouise Salon in Pasadena believes in art -- music, painting, and the spoken word.  One Sunday afternoon each month the salon hosts an 'event'.  Last month the event featured music.  This month -- today in fact -- the salon featured the spoken word.  Writers came and read their stuff.  I came, read my stuff, and sold a few books.
It's a powerful way to spend a couple of hours once a month.  There's no competition.  Everyone reads, sings, or otherwise presents and all are equal, embraced and welcomed.
Once a month Sandra Cruze and colleagues transform and upscale hair salon into a salon of a different nature.  Why?  Because they believe that artists need and deserve a place to share their souls.
Thanks, Sandy.
By the way --
Ellouise Hair Salon & Gallery
55 Waverly Drive
Pasadena CA 91105
Oh, yeah.  They also cut hair.

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