Monday, September 2, 2013

Getting Back In The Saddle

Getting back in the saddle again isn't all that easy if you don't have a horse.  However, it is a necessary activity and therefore I'm climbing up those long equine legs again to reclaim the saddle once more.  Perhaps this go round I won't fall off.  Now if only I had a horse.  Until then, there's always Gene even if he wasn't the King of the Cowboys.

Also, if I can climb up the legs of a horse that doesn't exist to hoist myself into a saddle I don't own anymore, so can you.

Start climbing.  We'll do it together.

1 comment:

Susan F said...

You always manage to inspire and make me smile, Mary. Thank you. Great memories of Gene...I used to sit in his seats at the old Angels games! Giddy-up!