Friday, September 6, 2013

Inside The Basset Brain-Dog As Sculptor

A little know fact about the Basset Hound is that they are innately artistic.  Or course, all artists must discover their perfect medium and, once that task is accomplished, create.
The Basset Hound is no exception.
For example, Bradford has discovered that his bed is his perfect medium.  The Muses frequently call him to his bed not to snooze but to sculpt.
His latest creation begged to be singled out as extraordinary.

The Basset Bed Sculpted

Of course, a bed sculpture is quite a bit like a sand castle.  Both are temporary accomplishments that require a certain kind of courage to pursue.
So hats off to the brave Basset who constantly creates masterpieces only to be, ultimately, returned to their original purposes.
May we all be so willing to create despite adversity.


Susan F said...

Looks a bit like an Oldenburg!!! Bravo Bradford!!

Leslie said...

Bradford says, "It's time someone recognized what I've been creating. Thank you, Sue."