Monday, January 20, 2014

Canadian Geese Are A Lot Like Cattle

Okay, so they don't have four hooves or cuds even though they may re-chew their food from time to time but over the past several days I've had multiple opportunities to observe thousands of Canadian Geese and during my life I've had thousands of opportunities to observe multiple varieties of cattle and my conclusion is that cows and geese have one particular and striking similarity.  Side bar comment -- That's about as long as I can make that opening sentence.  Now onward to the very short point of this post.  Geese when not flying and just standing around tend to all face the same direction.  So do cows except, of course, that cows are never flying.  They do on occasion jump but that's just over the moon.

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joy said...

I have always enjoyed your posts, but these last two have really warmed and tickled my heart. Nice finish with the jumping over the moon bit .... sounds profound, but I'm danged if I know why .... but brought a smile to my face! love ya, joy