Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Walk A Basset Hound

Here's the first thing to consider.  Your Basset Hound doesn't take walks like other dogs.  Other dogs look around and ponder life on occasion.  The Basset Hound sniffs.  That's it.  Imagine if your sense of smell was at the very least ten thousand times greater than that of any other human.  Seriously.  Would you have time to look around?  I doubt it.  Would you bother marking territory?  I can't imagine that, either.  Here's what you would do.  You would sniff and know more about the world than the wisest being on it.
So when you walk you Basset Hound let the most powerful nose on the planet take it all in.  No hurries.  No worries.  Each blade of grass contains the secrets of life.  Every breeze solves the mysteries of the planets.  Every dew drop tells of miracles unimaginable.
Come to think of it, maybe every moment of every walk no of every day could with or without the Basset Hound contain such experiences.
Let's give it a try.