Friday, July 24, 2015

Let's Just Cut To The Chase Here

I don't use that expression very often and, in fact, I may never have used it.  Had I considered at any point using that expression, I probably would have thought it had something to do with fox hunting and with that background would have chosen to not use it at all.  Let's get to the point seems more direct and simple and not weighted down with cruelty to animals issues.  Come to find out, though, the expression has nothing to do with fox hunting but instead harkens back to the days of silent movies which generally included some sort of chase as the highlight of the film.  When things threatened to bog down, the common wisdom was to forget the details and just cut to the chase scene.  I love movies.  I'm not so fond of hunting.  I think with this new understanding I can now say with greater emotional comfort, "Let's just cut to the chase here."

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