Tuesday, August 4, 2015

He Was A Good Robot, Apparently

He was just three feet tall and weighed only 25 pounds but he was really all heart.  No.  Wait a second.  That's not right.  He was really all circuits and wires and stuff.  At any rate, all he wanted to do was hitch hike from Boston to San Francisco.  His name was hitchBot.  Oh, yeah.  And he was a robot.  He'd already hitched across Canada and parts of Europe.  He had plans to see Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon.  Oh, wait.  He was a robot.  Nevertheless, his dream and his robotic life ended in Philadelphia.  He left Salem, Massachusetts, on July 17 and made stops in Boston and New York City.  And then it happened.  In a Philadelphia alley, hitchBot lost his head.  Literally lost his head.  Someone took it.  Philadelphia police aren't investigating the incident because the Canadian universities that created hitchBot aren't filing a criminal complaint.
"We just want to remember the good times," the team behind the project said in a prepared statement.  They hope hitchBot's friends and family will do the same.
Just remember the good times.
The team ended the prepared statement with these wise words, "Sometimes bad things happen to good robots."
And as Mr. Rogers often said, "Sometimes good people do bad things."
There's so much to think about here.
I'll keep you posted.

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