Friday, November 3, 2017

He's A Man Of His Word

Decades ago my brother, Tom Walker, landed a part in a college play.  It was his first foray into acting and as far as I know his last.  On opening night I gave him the standard theatrical oxymoronic blessing.  "Break a leg," I said with great enthusiasm and genuine pride.  My brother was in a play!  Tom, looking lost and confused, took several long moments to respond.  "Okay."  I didn't question his response.  Perhaps I should have and then explained that superstition dictated no one ever wish an actor good luck before a performance and thus the directive to break a leg.  I didn't, though, and now so many years later he did.  My brother recently really did break a leg.  We have always throughout our lives tried to follow through on requests made by the other.  He said "Okay" and never one to shirk a responsibility or fail to keep his word, my brother broke his leg.  He was briefly hospitalized and is now in rehab learning to hop on on foot waiting for the swelling to go down so the leg can be put in a cast of some sort.  Tom, who never could figure out how to skip, is becoming a hopping expert.  My brother has never broken a promise to me and for that I'm so proud of him.  He said "Okay" and even though it took him quite awhile to get around to it, he did finally come through.  He'll soon be back in action writing and blogging.  For now, though, he'll just keep hopping along.  I love you, Tom.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary for yet another terrific story and for letting us know where Tom has been.
Tom, we are terribly sorry for your injury and wish you a speedy recovery! My husband and I have come to enjoy your stories and your points of view. You have been greatly missed here on witsendmagazine and we look forward to hearing your voice again soon.

Mary Walker Baron said...

Thanks, Anonymous. You will be hearing my voice much more. I appreciate your support.

Tom Walker said...

Hopalong Cassidy no more, I am now stomping along with a five-pound boot on my right foot. And most importantly, I am home again. Thank you Mary, for posting the update on my sad plight.