Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Day 19 - Life Is Like An Old Radio

Remember those?  We had a battery powered radio.  The battery was almost as big as the radio.  Generally that radio was for our father's use.  He got up incredibly early and listened to Lyn Ingerbritsen and radio station KOY.  Lyn was clearly a guy who saw no use for stage names.  Anyway, Daddy listened to the weather reports and whatever other news Lyn felt the need to broadcast.  The weather in Phoenix seemed to have little relevance to the weather on our ranch tucked under the Mogollon Rim but nevertheless that's what Daddy got up early to hear.  During the summer he listened to Vin Scully broadcast first Brooklyn Dodger games and then later Los Angeles Dodger games.  That radio sometimes lost its station and Daddy would carefully adjust the tuning knob until he got the station back again.  Living takes a lot of adjusting, too.  It's all too easy to lose our station -- our direction.  We just have to keep turning the knob until we hear "It's time for Dodger baseball," so clearly we believe for just a second that we're in the broadcast booth next to Vin.

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