Thursday, April 12, 2018

Our Wandering Tax Documents

About the same time that we moved to New Jersey our CPA moved to the Pacific Northwest.  Go figure.  Anyway, we stayed with her and every year we Priority Mail our tax information to her and every year we meet with her via phone to go over stuff and every year we file our taxes in a timely manner.  Not so this year.  I mailed our tax documents on March 23 with an expected delivery date of March 26.  So far so good.  In early April the our CPA sent us an email asking if we would be needing her for our 2017 taxes.  ?????!!!!!&&&&&%%%%#.  Clearly she had not received our information.  I entered the tracking number in the USPS web site and learned that the envelope had not yet left New Jersey.  I went to the Post Office the next day and was told by a friendly human that he would look into this and get back to me.  Two weeks later I returned to the Post Office to basically say, "What's up?"  A woman named Jan because her parents wanted a son helped me and seemed much more efficient than the nameless guy of two weeks earlier.  Besides, I knew nothing about the gender expectations of his parents.  Anyway, Jan said someone would call me today and someone did call me today.  Today's caller had been able to even track down a picture of the envelope.  It was on the scanner address side down and so it didn't know where to go.  Like so many of us, it just felt lost.  Apparently there's a post office bar code on the back of the Priority Mail envelopes that allowed this type of detailed tracking.  Anyway, as of today the tax documentation has left New Jersey and is on its way to the Pacific Northwest.  Our CPA has remained calm throughout all of this despite my growing hysteria.  And the Post Office has hopefully come through even without snow or wind or heavy rain.

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