Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life Really Does Have A Rhythm

The Atlantic Ocean at least on the New Jersey shore refuses just yet to acknowledge Spring's arrival.  Clouds hide the horizon and a cold wind forces hands yearning to hold warm days back into pockets or even into gloves.  Only a few people walk in the deep sand.  And fewer still begin to rebuild fences and decks washed into the sea by Winter's harsh storms.
Meanwhile, less than half a mile west bulbs push their way through freshly mulched soil and, yes, even announce Spring with gallant yellow flowers.  Trees barren a week ago have produced buds and soon those stark branches will be covered with leaves.
Seasons begin and end and life goes on.
Sometimes we battle these changes with if not the strength of an ocean at least its determination.  Other times we embrace the change and allow what once was stark to blossom.
Life goes on.
Our task is to live it.

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