Sunday, April 11, 2010

Radioactive Scraps

Scraps the Cat, always a trend setter, has gone radioactive.  You may recall that a few months ago she was diagnosed as suffering from hyperthyroidism.  The main and most obvious symptom -- at least for Scraps -- was a significant weight loss.  For Scraps this wasn't such a problem because, put in the kindest manner, she had over the years packed on a few too many pounds.  Recently, though, the old girl skidded right past slim and was well on her way to gaunt.  Time at last to visit Dr. Michael Broome and his Orange County Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging clinic.
Come to find out, hyperthyroidism is a really common condition in older cats.  A tumor forms on the thyroid gland and sends the whole feline system into a frenzy.  Left unchecked, the condition can eventually put too much strain on the heart and kidneys.  Medication can only keep things under control for so long.  So off we went to Orange County this afternoon to check Scraps into the clinic where she will receive an injection of radioactive iodine to destroy the tumor.  When the geiger counter shows a safe level of radioactivity she can come home.
That's apparently all there is to it.
Her prognosis is good.
Her mood, however, is not so good.  She screamed all the way to Orange County.  Wait a second.  Screaming all the way to Orange County is probably an appropriate and typical reaction to that quite terrifying and dismal journey.  I also scream every time I have to go to Orange County.
Here's what really upset Scraps.
For seventy-five additional dollars the clinic sets up a web cam so that anyone with the right password can -- from 8 AM until 8 PM -- view Scraps doing stuff like sleeping and eating at the clinic.  I figured that for free I could see her do the same things when she comes home.  Scraps saw it as her one big chance at fame.
Maybe she wouldn't mind constant hordes of paparazzi outside our entry way gate but I sure would.
Come to think of it, maybe I'll pay the seventy-five bucks just to keep Scrappy happy.
She's that kind of a cat.


Anonymous said...

A lovely, longtime relationship. You and Scraps have a perfect mesh. Hope she feels well soon. Cheryl

Marnie said...

What will medicine think of next - to be able to keep your eye on your animal remotely - really! Oh yeah, the paparazzi would be a bother though.