Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Quite Onomatopoetic

Perhaps simply redundant.  At any rate, Scraps the Cat had a CAT Scan yesterday.  Okay.  The CAT in this particular Scan refers to A Computerized Axial Tomography Scan.  I know that and you know that. Scraps sees things a bit differently, though.  But then, of course, she would.  She's a cat and therefore everything really is about her.
Her scan indicated two tumors on her thyroid gland for which she received the radioactive iodine injection.  Two tumors require a little more radioactive stuff and a little longer stay in Orange County.  The clinic staff called to say that Scraps is doing well and eating all of her food.  What those good folk don't realize is that it would take a lot more than two tumors and a mega dose of radioactive stuff to put Scrappy off of her feed.
Denied the live feed web cam, Scraps condescended to pose for this candid photo taken by a member of the clinic staff.
Life seems good -- even in Orange County.

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Marnie said...

She's a brave little girl!