Thursday, July 7, 2011

Carmageddon? Really?

The current LaLa Land hysteria is the weekend closing of the San Diego Freeway (the famous 405).  This is being heralded as the single biggest event in the history of the Los Angeles Freeway.  The 405 will close and how will we function without it?!
People seem to have forgotten that we barely function with it.
Now, it seems that the only way to get anywhere in the Los Angeles area is via the 405.  That's right, New Jersey, THE 405!
Here's the thing.  And for this presenting of the thing, I refer you to this map.

Now, back to the thing.  Take a look.  There are a shit load of other north/south or south/north routes in the Los Angeles area.  Most of them aren't even on this map.  They are called streets and canyons and, yes, other freeways.
Sometimes we have to change directions to get where we want to go.  Sometimes we have to go east a ways to get south.  Sometimes we have to think for ourselves and figure things out.
Or, as is the current hysterically shouted suggestion, we can just stay home until the only way we know how to get from one place to another again presents itself to us.
Carmageddon my ass!

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