Saturday, July 23, 2011

Webber, Basset, and Australian White

The Weber Q Bar B Q behaved perfectly with the new and larger Propane tank.  The chicken, the was all perfect.  The evening had cooled off enough to make eating outside on the patio just about as good as it gets.  The cheap or rather inexpensive Australian white left over from a far more solemn occasion the week before had held up well enough to be called, well, good.  Even the lizard really fat and large and completely unexpected as it crawled out of the potted plant on the picnic patio table couldn't disturb the tranquility of the evening.  One of us made the chance remark that Andrew Lloyd Webber had destroyed the great American musical except that Jesus Christ Superstar had been really good so we just had to dig out the two-record album, vinyl of course, and listen to it to prove the point that nothing good ever came from the Webber machine after this musical.  So there we sat with our affordable Australian white listening to the last of the Webber good and gave not a thought to the Basset Hound left on his own in the house.
A little known fact about Basset Hounds.  They are frustrated interior decorators.  And so, at least in our home, the Basset has a go at decorating every chance he gets.
While on the patio Mary Magdalene bemoaned that she didn't know how to love him, Bradford etc. pulled his bed out of his crate and pulled it, the bed, to the front door.  It's beginning to come apart and so the bed left a trail of stuffing.  He then went into the den, took his sheet off of the futon and then pulled the futon into the middle of the room.  His final statement about the whole thing was to locate the vinyl album cover and deposit it at the patio door where we sat enjoying the white and bemoaning the demise of good musical theatre when all the time we should have been listening to Winton  Marsalis anyway.
Just another Saturday night with a Basset Hound and affordable white. Life is good especially with a Basset Hound.

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