Monday, October 24, 2011

No More Ice Cream Cones For Me

I've been trying to cut down the level of stress in my life and so from time to time I am able too identify a specific source of stress and then I address it.
The source of stress doesn't have to be a major part of my life but every little bit helps.
Once or twice a year I like to have some ice cream.  Actually, I'd like to have some ice cream once or twice a day but I really to get it that such a habit would not, in the long run, be positive in any way.
So for me ice cream is a very occasional treat.
You might reasonably be asking what I find stressful about this behavior.
Ever try eating an ice cream cone on a hot day?
Talk about stress.
Buy it in a cup or dish.  If you must have a cone, get the cone separate.
See?  You really can reduce stress in your life.
I am wise beyond my years.

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