Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Fiona

I get it that these days we are bombarded with causes -- worthy causes but nevertheless they bombard us.
However, I must draw attention to a cause I've just started. I'm not asking for contributions - at least not yet. I just want you to become aware of the situation and then I will keep you posted. Keep on your toes because you may need to swing into action at any moment.
Here's the thing.
Fiona Glenanne of Burn Notice -- she's a fictional character mind you -- has surrendered to the authorities to keep Michael Weston -- the burned spy and love of her life -- from doing rotten stuff.
The season ends with Fiona being taking into custody staring into the far away eyes of the shocked and grief stricken Michael.
This can't be happening. Not in this day and age. Innocent, heroic, truly good heroes don't go off to prison.  Not even fictional ones.  Or do they?  At any rate, something must be done and we are the only ones who can do it. Okay, maybe the writers can do it during the hiatus but do I trust them to do it right? Absolutely not.
And so begins the Free Fiona movement.  To it I dedicate well certainly not my life but at least a couple minutes a day.
Won't you join me?
I will keep you posted.

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