Saturday, September 8, 2012

How To Not Feel Overwhelmed

Do something.  That's all there is to it.  When we feel overwhelmed we get stuck and the more we feel stuck the worse things appear.
When I was a child the Jeep or pick up truck in which we rode sometimes got stuck in the sand.  There's a way to get out of that situation and there's a way to dig yourself in deeper.
I don't often drive in sand washes even though I do still ride around in a Jeep.
However, I do often feel overwhelmed.
Here's what I've learned and what I've learned about not feeling overwhelmed is quite a bit like not digging deeper into the sand.
The best way to feel un-overwhelmed is to do something.  Doing nothing just allows the stuff to pile up more and more until pretty soon we feel buried alive under our stuff.
Here's the funny thing about that doing something notion.  It doesn't matter what we do.  Action is the remedy to feeling stuck and overwhelmed.  As soon as we start doing something we feel better because we see that we aren't stuck.
Next time you feel like you are being buried by all the stuff you have to do, try just doing one thing.  You'll feel better.
Okay.  Maybe this isn't anything like getting a Jeep stuck in the sand.  At least, though, beginning to write about that got me started on what I really meant to say.
See how simple it is?
Now try it.

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