Monday, September 3, 2012

I'd Hate To Be A Gallbladder

Or at least I'd hate to be a gallbladder in these times of what we currently call medical phenomenon.  Back in the day gallbladder surgery was a huge undertaking.  These days its almost out patient surgery.  But that's not the reason I'd hate to be a gallbladder.  I'd hate to be a gallbladder because, if I were a gallbladder, no one would miss me when I was gone.  As far as that goes, no one would even know my purpose while I was around and that's way too much of an existential dilemma for anyone to bear.
More information you ask?
Take for instance the Whipple Procedure named after a guy named Whipple out of Slone-Kettering.  His procedure is the number one surgical approach for pancreatic cancer.  It involves removing part if not all of the pancreas, the duodenum and possibly more of the intestinal tract, the common bile duct and with an almost apologetic tone the gallbladder.  Removal of the gallbladder seems like such an afterthought to all of the other seemingly more important stuff.
In terms of removal I think I'd rather be an appendix.  If I were an appendix I could at least take comfort in knowing that parts of very important books were named after me.
Small comfort you say?
Well, just how many times do you flip to the gallbladder in the back of the book?

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