Thursday, May 30, 2013

Perhaps Lesson Learned?

The other day a Pennsylvania couple was arrested.  Seems their ten-year-old daughter was in a cage in the back of their pickup and they were driving along on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
The couple explained this away:  "She wanted to be with her dog.  She plays with him in there all the time."
As it works out, the dog was in the cage too. 
That's legal and even desirable.  The dog in the cage, that is.
What isn't legal, as the Carlson couple now know, is to lock your child in a cage in the back of the pickup with or without her pet dog.
Concerned motorists apparently alerted law enforcement and law enforcement responded with arrests.
For some reason this whole thing doesn't bother me as much as those folks in pickups who haven't caged their dogs and in some cases their children.  There they are ears flapping in the breeze defying gravity to hold them onto the truck. 
That's terribly dangerous for man, child, and beast.  This other thing is just weird.  Illegal, also, as it works out.

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