Friday, September 2, 2016

Well Whoa It's Been Awhile

Time flies when you're living life, apparently.  At any rate I apologize to you and to myself for my absence.  In my defense, however, you should know that I have just completed a book.  It is now in the design phase and hopefully will be published soon.
No, it's not a novel.  There are more of those in the works.  This book is inspirational in nature.  It's called "Stick With Us And We'll Get You There:  How To Be Where You Want To Be On The Road And In Life".  I wrote it in collaboration with Jeff Baugh.  Those of you living in the Los Angeles area know his voice well.  He's the guy who every morning and evening tells you how to get where you want to be on the road.
I'll be posting snatches from the book just to whet your appetite.
In the meantime, it's back to business here in blog land with the things I care about and about which you hopefully also care.
Off we go - again.

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