Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Jersey Does Ice Cream

Summer comes and the ice cream places open up.  Summer will soon end and with its departure the ice cream places will close for the long winter.  New Jersey does ice cream.  People drive distances just for a cone or a dish.  New Jersey also does summer.  The days of summer, though, are waning.  Soon the leaves will turn and, yes, most of the ice cream places will close.  Jakes.  Ryans.  Four Boys.  Hoffman's will stay open.  Maybe Rita's Ice Custard Happiness will also weather the winter.  Otherwise where could we order and then pick up happiness?
I love ice cream.  I don't do cones, though.  I find eating an ice cream cone about as stressful as it gets.  It's just too much with which to deal.  You've got the melting ice cream.  Then you've got the crumbling, wet cone.  I can't manage the stress.  I eat my ice cream out of a cup or a bowl.  I'm not ashamed to do so.
And the ice cream places don't seem to begrudge me my dish.  They still get paid.  And I still get the ice cream.

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