Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bayville Shop-Rite Gets It Right

You may remember last week's rant about people who don't return shopping carts to the cart return.  Well, the Shop-Rite in Bayville, New Jersey knows how to deal with those deadbeats.  If you want one of their shopping carts, you put a quarter in a little gizmo on the handle, which releases a chain that holds it to the next cart in line.  You take your cart and do your shopping, and when you properly return the cart to the stand and replace the chain, your quarter pops back out.  I shopped there yesterday, and there was not a stray cart in the lot.  A quarter may not buy much these days, but apparently it's enough of a reward for people to return their carts.  And you may notice the ominous words at the top of the sign, "Surveillance cameras in use".  They aren't kidding around.  Bravo, Bayville Shop-Rite.


Mary Walker Baron said...

Yay Bayville Shop-Rite.

Anonymous said...

Triple Bravo for your Bayville Shop-Rite!!! But you have proved my original belief that Southern California holds the title in lazy shopping cart borrowers. Aldis which is next door to my husband's place of employment offers the same $.25 incentive program. On the several occasions throughout the day that my husband wanders into the parking lot to round up carts for his customers to use, it's even money on whether there are more OSH carts or Aldis carts littering the lot. I always believed that if you charged a small fee for things more respect would be shown for things but apparently the quarter has become the new penny and you find pennies scattered all over parking lots these days.