Thursday, June 1, 2017

We Would Like To Hear From You

We encourage you to comment on any and all posts.  You can comment anonymously if that suits you.  There will be a lag between your comment and its appearance on this blog since we do approve all comments before they are published.  We do that so our readers won't see a bunch of ads for aluminum siding.  Please note that we have nothing against aluminum siding but do have something against giving away free advertising to people about whom we know nothing.  Our readership is growing and we encourage you all to join the conversation.  If you like what we write, let us know.  If you agree with us, great.  If you disagree with us, good to know.  That's a great place to start a conversation, too.
We appreciate our readers and love hearing from you even if you don't agree with what we write.


Tom Walker said...

Thank you for posting this, Mary. I second everything you wrote, except the stuff about aluminum siding. I'm against it because the woodpeckers like to hammer against it and the racket becomes very annoying. Especially when you realize they're doing it to attract a lady woodpecker that's looking for a good time. Such unbridled sex among birds is very troubling, but nothing compared to the noise.

Mary Walker Baron said...

So noted, Tom.