Sunday, June 18, 2017

Here's How You Know It's Summer

Folks on the East Coast do summer.  It's not a casual thing.  Summer is serious stuff.  We go out for ice cream.  And we shop at the road side produce stands.  The farms for these produce stands are generally next to the stands themselves.  Laurino Farms and its stand are about ten minutes from our home.  We watch the stand like hawks as soon as the snow melts.  Of course it never opens until the farm has produce ripe to sell.  We were thrilled when we drove by and saw that they were selling strawberries and lettuce.  The strawberries were in plain view.  We didn't see any lettuce.  We stated, we believed rhetorically, that the lettuce didn't seem ready yet.  The man behind the counter overheard us and replied, "Of course it's ready.  I just have to go pick it for you.  What kind do you want?"  We briefly consulted and then said, "Romaine please."  "Red or green leaf?" he countered.  "Green," we replied and off he went into the field which is next to the farm stand.  As he was picking our lettuce another man came by and assured us that the kale would be ready in another couple of weeks.  Our man returned from the fields with two heads of Romaine lettuce.  "They're still pretty small so here are two for you.  No charge for the second head."  And that's how we know it is summer.  Now off for ice cream.


Tom Walker said...

How we in Tucson know it's summer is when it's 115 degrees outside you don't go outside except to run from your air conditioned house to your air conditioned car and then to an air conditioned store. But, of course, it's a dry heat. So, of course, is a convection oven.

Mary Walker Baron said...

So noted.