Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are Cell Phones Really Dangerous?

Dr. Ronald Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute warns us about a possible link between cell phone use and brain cancer. I've been looking at a lot of articles on this subject during the past twenty-four hours since I heard the first news report. I'd like to know more. How much cell phone usage? What about my corded ear plug thing I use when driving my car?
In one article we are invited to tell the authors or the publisher 'what you think about cell phones link to cancer'. Hopefully they are not encouraging us to call them -- on our cell phones.
The threat and the reality of cancer are terrifying. When we hear of a person's diagnosis, we often immediately compare that person's life decisions to ours hoping to find behaviors we lack which might have invited the invasion of the cancer cells into that other person. This is done not because we are malicious and want to blame but because that information might help us feel a little safer and hopefully exempt from cancer's seeming randomness.
Back to the cell phone thing. I just started reading a book by Stephen King called 'Cell' which, as only Stephen King can do, puts the entire thing into terrifying perspective.
If you read it, you may not ever have to worry about developing brain cancer from using your cell phone.

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Anonymous said...

You probably would never use it again knowing how terrifying Stephen King can be.