Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Scary

We're living in scary times -- even our own government can't tell whether we're in a recession or not!
People are losing their homes. Medical costs have sky rocketed. Groceries keep rising. Banks are going belly-up. Auto prices have risen. The price of gas is astronomical. Insurance rates are way up. The poverty level is continuing to rise. Taxes are always going up. Paychecks have all but been frozen. The average person is struggling more and more to make ends meet -- in fact, some hold two jobs and that's still not enough. What will happen to the future of our children?
People are so busy making a living that they can't see what's happening in government. It's getting too big and is continuing to grow. It's encroaching on our personal lives as well. Who knows where it will end. Are we all going to be working for the government? Will we be handing over our paychecks? It seems as though that's where we're headed --And --- it's scary.

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