Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wheelchair Brigade

I was watching a documentary on disabilities. The program took the viewer through a few days of life in a wheelchair -- actual cameras were installed. I can't believe what the cameras captured with all our technoligical advancements --why haven't we advanced more towards helping the disabled?
One woman used transportation through a paratransit company to take her to and from a doctor's appointment. Due to the company's policies, the driver was not allowed to get out of the van to make sure the woman was safe inside her home. In fact, she had to wait all day and well into the night before her neighbor discovered her plight. The poor woman cried and was quite emotional throughout her ordeal until her neighbor was kind enough to rescue her. This same woman's husband divorced her since he didn't know how to deal with her disabilities. What an emotional roller coaster for anyone to go through! The documentary went on to show how rude and disrespectful the public is towards people with disabilities. It further showed how much still needs to be done to accommodate these people.
Doors should be required to open automatically. Public restrooms need revamping. Hotel rooms need to be restructured by someone who knows the needs of the disabled. Sidewalks, benches and street lights should be placed so as to allow wheelchair access.
The documentary showed the disrespect of people who sell/repair equipment - equipent so necessary to carry on mere daily activities. These "salesmen/repairmen" have shown to be extremely rude with a "care less" attitude. They were shown to treat the disabled as though they are "retarded".
It's hard enough for a person struggling with a disabling disease/condition to live normally, but to be mistreated by fellow human beings is down right disgusting, cruel and mean.
Our wheelchair brigade must endure extreme trials and tribulations, most of which goes unnoticed by society. Our disabled deserve better! Shame on society!
The law governing handicap requirements was obviously not written by first hand knowledge -- if it was, there would be much higher standards -- that is, total accommodation.
California for Disabilities Act is now before the Legislature endorsed by our wheelchair brigade. Let's hope our legislatures finally listen!


Anonymous said...

Marnie...I am in a wheel chair AND on Oxygen due to Respiratory probs. You are so right! If one ever has the audacity to get fed up and speak out after TOO MUCH of peoples insensitivity, ignorance and selfish=stupidity ad nauseum, the person in the chair further has to endure rude comments like "why are you so bitter?" or HERE IS MY FAV..."Is that chair stuck to your fat ass, maybe if you got out and moved you wouldn't be so bitter?!" These mental midgets simply don't have a clue. They are narcissists...and not very good at it!!{July 18, 2008}

Anonymous said...

July 19. 2008
After I left a comment for Marnie, I couldn't get to a comment page for MWB's writings. "M" your comments show subtle and not so subtle insight into many areas. The same goes for "L"! I want to know you both. I am not so sure that Dorothea Dix would have survived a blooming minute in todays world! You must grab the tiger by the tail or seize the day if you will! Miss Crabby Pants, I just love that name. To the blogger of TO GO!This is a great idea. July 19, 2008 11:20 p.m.