Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hooray For Massachusetts

Four years ago Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same sex marriage for its residents. Then California not only legalized same sex marriages for its residents but invited any same sex couple regardless of what state they lived in to come to California and pay the fees and tie the knot. Huh? Did that mean that two men long residents of the State of Ohio could come to California and be legally married? As long as the proper papers were filled out and as long as the appropriate fees were paid, yes. Definitely. Legally married at least in California.
The State of California has to have noticed that the legalization of same sex marriage has been good for the economy. Beyond the license fees there's the hotel or the hall or the caterers or the travel and accommodations for out of town guests and the clothes and the sequins and the bands and all the stuff that has long gone with a wedding between a man and a woman.
Perhaps Massachusetts has noticed the economic aspect of all of this, too, because the State Senate has just repealed a 1913 state law which prevented the marriage in Massachusetts of out-of-state couples if the marriages would not be legal in their home states. The repeal is expected to pass the Massachusetts House later this week. It is estimated that the repeal of this old law will bring in over one hundred million dollars to the Massachusetts economy.
Sometimes we do the right thing simply because it is the right thing.
Sometimes we do the right thing because of greater benefits.
And sometimes we champion the greater benefits to get the right thing done.
Thanks, Massachusetts, for reminding us that there are situations in which everyone can win.


Anonymous said...

And, as always, Hooray for Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I believe our country has finally realized what its citizens want.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the country has finally realized what its citizens want. In California its probably wise that we hold our breaths until after the November election.

Uniqeladee said...

I hope I can get my comment done before it disappears and before I can get it posted, This has heppened to me twice now after leaving comments to Leslie, MWB, Marnie; so heah goze!! I find it quite discusting that the legalization of same sex marriages is thought to be a positive step forward. When the papers are filled out and processed, we are in effect still relegating Gay individuals to ask for permission to sanction wnat is no ones business in the first place. Another aspect that really grabs at my craw is the "Don't ask don't tell" policy in the Military. Gay personnel are (ALLOWED!!!!!)to serve in the military, risk their lives and spill their blood, and all the attached ramifications therefrom, but Don't you dare say you are gay or you will be null and void and your service and or many losses won't count!!!!????