Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blue Skies Again

As if things haven't been grim enough lately here in LaLaLand, for the past several days it seemed that even the Dodgers had given up and lacked sufficient energy to claim what so clearly belonged to them. Finally, though, at if not the eleventh hour last night then certainly at the tenth and three quarters hour they shut out the Rockies and reminded us to at least try to remain hopeful even when history and current events insist hope is fruitless folly.
For the most part I am not a fan of professional sports primarily because most of the salaries could, if directed elsewhere, solve a lot of this country's and the world's socioeconomic problems. On nights like last night, though, I get it. A home team can guide us toward our finest possibilities if we only hang in long enough to follow.
Yay Dodgers.
Go Blue.

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Anonymous said...

Yes - the salaries could go a LONG way to help those in need. I feel strongly that the players are paid way TOO much. Sure, it's nice to be so good that you get paid oodles and oodles, but then what about the rest of the world. Talk about greedy!