Sunday, October 4, 2009

Temecula What?

No. It's true. Temecula, California, is wine country. According to some, it's almost perfect wine country with its warm days and night time ocean breezes. Vineyards along Rancho California Road offer tastings and clubs. Wilson Creek serves great lunches along with a Zinfandel so rich it can be a meal in itself. South Coast's spa is magnificent and its rooms amazing. Earlier this evening a friend remarked that the Hart Vineyard looks like nothing more than boards across saw horses. The staff seems surprised to discover they work in a vineyard but offer a sampling guide excellent in scope and selection. Wilson Creek, in addition to its amazing lunches, boasts of Golden Retrievers who wander freely throughout the facilities with the only rule that they can't tussle in the tasting room. Probably a good rule for every one.
Really. Temecula Wine Country.
Give it a try.

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Sounds inviting!