Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cold Front Almost Threatens Southern California

Why the temperature must have dipped to forty or so last night and possibly got as low as, perhaps, sixty-five today. People are walking around wrapped in all sorts of coats and jackets and weird hats that seem normal in New York. Lips are blue and arms are covered -- where flesh has dared to be bare -- with goose bumps.
If you doubted that we here in Southern California are too precious for words look around you on days like today and then fly immediately to New York where such outfits are finally beginning to be almost needed.
No wonder people laugh at us.
Now if I could only find my hat. You know the one with the fuzzy flaps that come down around my ears. I need it. No. I really do.

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Leslie said...

This morning when I walked the dog, the temperature here in Glendale was 36 degrees. When I came in and checked the computer, it said that the temperature in New York was 48. No laughing matter.