Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yo, Tiger

Really, what Tiger Woods does with his life is none of my business. He can run into every tree along his drive way. He can be faithful to his wife or he can cheat on her. I don't care. But, come on, man. Common sense would whisper to any rational person to not leave a voice mail message on your girl friend's phone asking her to block her cell phone number because 'my wife' saw it. Common sense would shout to that same rational person to not leave his name attached to the message as in, "Hi, this is Tiger....". Perhaps if the caller were named Sam or Joe or Sue. But Tiger? Was he thinking that Tiger is a fairly common first name? Guess what? It is not a common first name.
Wait a second. I just remembered something.
I once had a cat named 'Tiger'. He ate my parakeet during a moment of compromised impulse control.
That moment was no feather in his cap either.

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