Saturday, March 27, 2010

California Does It Again

California gets knocked around for a lot of, shall we say, off the beaten path behaviors.  The state deserves the saying, "Everything loose in the country eventually rattles its way to California."  We've given the world Governor Moon Beam and EST, vegan restaurants, the Governator, and our amazing ballot initiatives which allow any cause with enough signatures to get on the state ballot.  That process has its ups and downs and generally the downs far out number the ups as evidenced by Proposition 8 and the yes you can, no you can't, well maybe some of you can get married or stay married outcome.
Now we here in La La Land have an opportunity to raise the edgy bar a lot higher because on the November ballot will be an opportunity to legalize the sale of a tiny bit of marijuana and the growing of a few marijuana plants in our homes or backyards.
Yay California.  This is a wonderful ballot initiative.
Here's why.
People are already buying marijuana.  If said sale becomes legal the state can impose a sales tax and possibly boost the economy of our steadily sinking financial ship.
An additional advantage is that lately the people in this historic laid back state have been pretty tense what with twelve per cent unemployment, massive foreclosures, and property values so low it's hard to even give away a house.  People will have an opportunity to legally return to being laid back.
But here's the most important reason marijuana should be legalized in California.  The rest of the country needs a good laugh and this will provide that much needed national dose of dopamine.
It's a win/win situation.
I can't wait.

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Tom Walker said...

It could be the biggest thing since tofu.