Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Learned Optimism

Hope doesn't - like the Fuller Brush Man - come knocking on our doors.  Hope hides and waits for our seeking.  If we don't want it we won't have it.  If we don't look for it we won't find it.
In fact, we always find that for which we seek.  We want to be proven right and will do just about anything to make sure that happens.  For example - if I believe people are mean spirited I will seek out the worst of human nature and find it because we all have it.  If I believe people are good I will seek out human goodness and - guess what - find it.  Whatever we look for we find.
So - these are times that often seem to discourage hope and optimism.  Let's keep turning toward delight.  We will find it somewhere.  Maybe even everywhere.  Just keep looking.

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Marnie said...

Delight is there somewhere - I'll just keep looking too!