Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Many Clowns In The Little Car?

The circus is over.  The streets are littered with peanut shells and elephant shit.  Soon the big tent will come down to be packed away for just a little while before it's time again for the clowns and the men on stilts who really believe that they are tall.
Okay, while I'm waiting for my cotton candy I have a question.
If this whole three ring national shame thing was about money, why have the Republicans left town without doing something about the FAA impasse?  They just left town and the FAA and thus us continue to lose what will ultimately total by the time the Republicans get back to work (or whatever it is they call whatever it is they do in Washington) a billion dollars in lost taxes on the sale of tickets.
A billion dollars.  That's quite a bit.  Forget about raising taxes.  Why don't we just try and collect the ones already in place instead of leaving town and letting the money go into the pockets of the airlines?
I'm no political pundit and I certainly don't have the smarts of my favorite early morning political comedienne talk show host Stephanie Miller.  But come on!  A billion dollars in taxes because members of the House couldn't stay around long enough to fix the FAA.  The FAA?  Isn't that also the organization that makes sure airplanes don't fly into each other?
I have to go see how many clowns are getting out of the little car now.  No time to worry about this stuff.

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